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Let’s see, how to say this without sounding too sappy…we’ll give it the old college try, but we can’t make any promises. We really discovered our love of wine when we rediscovered our  love for each other. We were high school sweethearts, brought together by mutual friends and Driver’s Ed. We broke up in college as Matt went to school in California and Meghan in Colorado. We both agree now that it was the best decision we could have made because we did our own thing, dated other people and ultimately ended up appreciating each other even more.

Fast-forward to 7 years later. A little birdie told Meghan that Matt had broken up with his college girlfriend (finally) and it was game on. Meghan called Matt out of the blue and invited him to a Broncos vs. Chargers game in San Diego. At the time, she was working for the Denver Broncos and Matt was living and working in LA. Being a huge Broncos fan and curious to see an old flame, he accepted. When we met up again in California it was love at first sight all over again.

In the beginning, dating long distance was tricky but it just meant that we really had to make moments together count. Our first real date after reuniting was wine tasting with another couple in Los Olivos, CA. The Los Olivos trip was the experience that really ignited our mutual passion and interest in wine.

When Matt moved to Colorado we decided to try our hand at wine making. First we started with kit wine to break ourselves in. When that went well we decided to graduate to ordering grapes from a wine supply shop that shipped them in from California and Southern Colorado via refrigerated truck. We can’t claim the first round was all that great but by year three we were proud to hand out our wines and even started serving them at the beginning of the night instead of the very end. We even got creative and made custom labels for our wines and named the blends.

There was also a wedding (our wedding) at a vineyard in Sonoma and honeymoon in Italy, where we fell in love with Brunello (Sangiovese from Montalcino). Soon every vacation was focused on a new wine region, domestic or abroad. We started fantasizing about owning a winery when we retired. We attended more and more wine tastings in town, started trying different varietals and experimenting with pairings. Eventually we were quitting our awesome jobs and moving to a different country.

And now here we are in Chile, being broken into the wine industry by way of our first harvest. Next up, the northern hemisphere harvest in Europe. We may have failed the non-sappy assignment but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

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