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Hittin’ the road!

It’s been about two months since our last post. During our time away we caught up with friends and family, attended a wedding in Canada, went to Washington for our anniversary to do some wine tasting, I got a new camera, we climbed two 14er’s in Colorado, traveled to Copenhagen to visit really good friends, visited post-apocolympic London, and hung out with another set of good friends in Ireland’s countryside. Now we are in Italy for the harvest in Piedmont and really excited to be back in action. We have a soft spot for Italy as we spent our honeymoon here and, let’s be honest, what’s not to like? The people are friendly, the food is out of this world and the wine is divine. Not to mention the beautiful countryside and rich history.

We are working at a small organic winery called Iuli in Montaldo di Cerrina, Italy. I am in love with this winery already and we’ve only been here for 5 days. When Matt and I open a winery, Iuli is what I want to model it after. The winemaker Fabrizio Iuli and his fiancé Summer Wolff, founder of Indie Wineries, are so passionate about what they are doing. They are supporting the small farmer and farming organically not because it’s en vogue, but because it’s what they truly believe in.

Working at this winery will be a much different experience than our time spent in Chile at Lapostolle. Because it’s a smaller scale production, we will have the opportunity to be involved with everything from picking the grapes, to cellar work, to bottling wine from past vintages. Here Fabrizio doesn’t use a laboratory to test when the wine has completed a specific stage of fermentation, he judges based on the taste. We will also be working directly with the winemaker, which is fortunate for us at this stage of our “wine education”.

If you are looking to try a new wine, check out Indie Wineries. Summer and her crew have a great philosophy and support unique, small production wine makers in the States and Europe. You are sure to get a bottle that someone poured their heart into, although I will say that they sell out quickly based on high quality and smaller quantity. Iuli is on the Indie Wineries list and we found it in Colorado at a great price. Look on the list of National Distributors on the Indie Wineries web page to see if your state carries these wines. Then call up your local wine shop and ask if they carry the distributor’s wines from your state (for example, in Colorado Indie Wines are distributed by Natural Wine Company) and if they don’t, ask them why not?

We are only going to be here for about 3 weeks before we head to Bordeaux for a harvest at a different winery. Even though our time here is short I have a feeling we will be leaving with a wealth of knowledge. We feel very fortunate to be doing what we love and to be learning by doing.

In future posts we will try to introduce you to some other winemakers in this region, tell you about our connection to Iuli and Indie Wineries and touch on organic farming. I’m also going to try to throw in a short tutorial with tips on packing light. I can’t say we’ve mastered this concept, but we’ve come a long way since our last trip. Salute!!

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  1. Becky Stewart #

    I love reading about your adventures!

    September 6, 2012
    • Meghan #

      Thanks Becky!! We’re hoping to do a better job of keeping up with it this time! 🙂

      September 6, 2012

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