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Surf’s up!

Our home base of Lapostolle in the Colchagua Valley is only a 2 hour comfy bus ride from Pichilemu and the world famous surf of Punta de Lobos. So far, I’ve made two trips to Pichilemu and I hope that Meghan will be able to join me when I return for a 3rd time. I have only been surfing a handfull of times in my life, mostly during college when I lived in LA, so standing up on the board for any period of time is a major accomplishment. Punta de Lobos has a lot of people in the same boat as me, but also a lot of serious pros. In different sections of the beach, you can find waves for people of all ability levels. The water is very cold because the current comes from near Antarctica, but with a rented wetsuit and boots, it’ve very comfortable – even refreshing.

In addition to the waves, Punta de Lobos is just flat out beautiful. On my first trip, I did more surfing and less sight seeing, though we did venture into town after we were all surfed out. On the second trip, I surfed for about 3 hours and spent the rest of the time watching a pro surf competition. I’ll interject here with a little additional info – Punta de Lobos is most famous for it’s annual Big Wave, Tow-in surfing world championships, but the event that I watched was a tricks competition. The waves looked huge to me, but I guess they get much bigger. After watching the pros pulling off ridiculous tricks for a while, we made our way to the actual “Punta” of Punta de Lobos. If I had to guess, I would bet that this is where the biggest waves are found. One of our coworkers from Lapostolle, Ismael, is an experienced surfer who grew up in Pichilemu and knows these waves well. He was the only one from our group to venture out into these waters.

Other than the surfing and sightseeing, I enjoyed my first Chilean-style Churro- filled with dulce leche. The last bus back to Santa Cruz left at 7PM, and at 6:48, we were lucky to find another surfer leaving the beach who was willing to give us a ride back to the bus terminal in town.

On both trips, I left for Pichilemu after working an all night shift, so on both occasions, I took advantage of the 2 hour bus rides to catch some shuteye. Returning from my first return trip from Pichilemu, I slept right through a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

I’m really grateful to have been able to experience Pichilemu first hand, the photos don’t do it justice, and am already looking forward to my next daytrip there!

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